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By reading this document, you have already entered the Elite Hall of Ziglings Maintenance!

The Ziglings Audience

Ziglings is intended for programmers of all experience levels. No specific language knowledge is expected. Anyone who can install the current Zig snapshot, setup a copy of Ziglings, and knows common language building blocks (if/then/else, loops, and functions) is ready for Ziglings.

Ziglings is intended to be completely self-contained. If you can't solve an exercise from the information you've gleaned so far from Ziglings, then the exercise probably needs some additional work. Please file an issue!

If an example doesn't match a description or if something is unclear, please file an issue!


If you see any typos, please file an issue...or make a pull request!

No mistake is too small. The Ziglings must be perfect. :-)


If you have ideas for new lessons or a way Ziglings could be improved, don't hesitate to file an issue.

Feel free to submit new exercises but please understand that they may be heavily edited or rejected entirely if we feel they don't fit for one reason or another.

Platforms and Zig Versions

Because it uses the Zig build system, Ziglings should work wherever Zig does.

Since Ziglings is a Zig language learning resource, it tracks the current development snapshots of Zig from the official website downloads page.

If you run into an error in Ziglings caused by breaking changes in the latest development build of Zig, that's a new bug in Ziglings. Please file an issue...or make a pull request!


All exercises should conform to zig fmt.

Pull Request Workflow

Ziglings uses the "standard" Codeberg workflow as guided by the Web interface. Specifically:

  • Fork this repository
  • Create a branch from main for your work: git checkout -b my-branch
  • Make changes, commit them
  • When your changes are ready for review, push your branch: git push origin my-branch
  • Create a pull request from your branch to ziglings/main
  • Your faithful Ziglings maintainers will take a look at your request ASAP (we don't talk about May-July, LOL)
  • Once the changes are reviewed, your request will be merged and eternal Ziglings contributor glory is yours!

The Secrets

If you want to peek at the secrets, take a look at the patches/ directory.