Star System Generator
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Random Star System Generator

Feel free to try it right away at

State of implementation

The application is working but certain features are missing or unpolished:

Visualization of the Star System

Multiple themes

Manipulation of objects by value

Interactive value change (drag'n'drop / scroll)

Objects can be removed

Last removed object (planet) can be restored

add new planets and satellites

Export data / Import data

randomly generate star system

astroid belts

Export graphic via print or PDF

Missing features above are all planned for 0.5 release version. Future versions might get some or all of the following features:

⁉ More fonts and themes

⁉ Add meta data to any object

⁉ Export a single- or multi-page report / dossier / pamphlet

⁉ More object types (stations orbiting the star, mega structures?)

⁉ (faction?) Icons for planets / moons / stations

⁉ ...possibly more to come, let me know about your ideas!


Original idea from Tanner Stephens Star System Generator and a post from /u/koboldstyle on reddit.

The visual style is highly inspired by a tweet from Anders Björkman.

Title fonts are from

Fonts are optimized with the FontSquirrel webfont generator.

Dice icon by Flatart Icons, other icons made by Reussy from Flaticon.