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System configuration files

ricing screenshot

Here you can find all relevant configurations. This is thought equally as public viewport and backup. I appreciate suggestions, rants and bug reports :)

Requirements & Usage

Most things can be simply copied over, but I used a special naming scheme where hidden (dot) files start with dot, like .profile becomes dot.profile, to ensure visibility.

I also brought the zsh and tmux config into the config folder, but still use the original config files (~/.zshrc and ~/.tmux.conf respectively) to load the actual configs. This feels more consistent in my opinion.


My zshrc expects the zgenom repository checked out in ~/pkg/:

mkdir -p ~/pkg
git clone ~/pkg/zgenom

My ZSH prompt is written by myself and uses Powerline Extra Symbols, so make sure to install a compatible font. I would suggest checking out Nerdfonts.


My screen lock script uses grim to take a screenshot, ImageMagick to blur and overlay it, and finally swaylock to lock the screen. The result looks like this:

lock screen example

Wayland vs X11

I used to have seperate branches for Wayland and X11 based setups, but all issues I had with Wayland are gone now, so there is no need for me to keep X11 configs around. You can still find them in the commit tree, though. You can check out my old setup on this reddit post.