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k0r.386 screenshot



This page is built with vitepress. The theme is fully custom and, currently, only available as part of this source code. As inspiration served crt.no but all code is my own.

The font used is VT323 by Peter Hull, which can be installed via fontsource as a node package.

The ascii art headers are generated with figlet, using the Chunky font.

k0r.386 screenshot with highlighted features

k0r.386 offers some old-school goodness, paired with modern features where convenience matters.

Notable features

  • Interactive prompt, for the old-school terminal feeling
  • Automatic page discovery
  • Footer with clickable links, that can be set up per command (for example an "about" command could add an email link) or per page (configurable in frontmatter)
  • ASCII Art Titles, auto generated with figlet-ts, with per page configurable font (defaults to "Chunky").

Planned features

  • Slow text output, the real retro deal
  • Pagination (more-style)


(what you will not find as part of this theme)

  • Text formatting
  • Syntax highlighting
  • a real interactive shell with editor and an ascii art aquarium (...or maybe?)